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Celebrity restaurateur Tony Allan started the fish! empire when he opened his first restaurant fish! in Borough market, the food produce mecca of London, fourteen years ago. fish! restaurant soon became a huge hit in the heart of Borough, from businessmen to tourists alike, as they served up top quality, ‘posh’ fish and chips. Tony soon realised “what set us apart from other fish restaurants was that we were consistently serving the freshest of fish, delivered to us from our very own fishmonger in Kingston.” It became obvious that the next place to open a restaurant was in Kingston, directly next door to the long established, Jarvis fishmonger.


fish! Kitchen was born and the first site opened in January 2006 and built it’s reputation on pleasing families and those working in the area as the kitchen served up perfectly cooked fish – cooked in whatever way the customer pleased. Jarvis supplies the freshest deliveries to the whole of the fish! Group of eateries each morning. To add to convenience the fishmonger is situated directly next to fish! Kitchen in Kingston. In addition, diners at Kingston are able to see the fish on the slab through a glass wall divide and choose what they would like.


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